Cheap Flights to Faro

Fly from Dublin, Cork or Shannon to Gorgeous Faro - Loads of Dates Available

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p.p. from € 58

Portugal always seems to have a lot of cheap offers going for it, and this is definitely no exception! Faro is a divine city, offering a laid-back city with architectural delights, country trails and a golden shoreline.

Departures from Dublin

01/04/2019 – 08/04/2019 – €58

03/04/2019 – 10/04/2019 – €58

06/04/2019 – 13/04/2019 – €58

08/04/2019 – 12/04/2019 – €58

Departures from Cork

02/04/2019 – 06/04/2019 – €58

02/04/2019 – 11/04/2019 – €58

07/04/2019 – 11/04/2019 – €58

Departures from Shannon

01/04/2019 – 05/04/2019 – €65

03/04/2019 – 12/04/2019 – €65

08/04/2019 – 12/04/2019 – €58

The beautiful capital of the Algarve, Faro offers an authentic Portuguese vibe. During your stay, you’ll enjoy exploring the Old Town with its medieval quarters or enjoying a meal at the marina. The city’s most beautiful landmarks include the Sé Cathedral in the Old Town, with its mix of Gothic and baroque adornments and the Arco da Vila. If you fancy visiting the beach, then head to the Praia de Faro or the quieter Ilha Deserta.

I’ve found several different flights, so just choose what dates suit you best and check out the links below to find the perfect Airbnb or hotel for you.


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