Cheap Flights to Beijing

Fly from Dublin, Shannon or Cork from just €357

  • airline Air China/Lufthansa
  • transfer Included

We have come such a long way in terms of travelling around the world and with these cheap flights to Beijing that I have managed to find on my Flight Finder you can see a place that would have only been a dream in the past! For many, this is a unique once in a lifetime experience.

Beijing is a city that really has it all! You’ll have some of the best food in the world at your fingertips, a modern city with plenty of interesting history and absolutely stunning architecture at every turn. Ever since it hosted the Olympics this city has been a must-see destination for millions around the world and you’ll quickly see why. Some of the most famous pieces of Chinese culture are to be found in this breathtaking city.

With these bargain flights, you can see the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City or the famous Tiananmen Square. It’s hard to know what you should choose first because each of these landmarks is iconic to this amazing city and even more amazing country. Or you could opt for the megacity of Shanghai, with its mighty skyline, endless shopping, and the Bund, the famous waterside walk that offers amazing views.

You have plenty of time to explore so there’s no reason not to book! ;)

NOTE: Flight prices are subject to change, price quoted above is correct at time of writing

  • Cheap Flights to Beijing: Fly Return from Dublin to Beijing this Summer from just €357
  • Price: only €357 per person based on two adults sharing


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