Cheap Flights to Bali

Book Cheap Flights from Dublin to Bali from just €363!

  • airline Xiamen Air

So… I’m hoping the worst of the cold weather us behind us now! I’m sure that it’s definitely worked up an appetite for sunshine and beaches, so if you’re dreaming of far-flung shores, I think you’ll love these cheap flights to Bali I’ve spotted!

Cheap Flights to Bali

Over at Skyscanner there are currently fantastic flight options for budget-minded adventurers. I found two flights that come to very similar prices, but even if these don’t suit you, simply have a play around on Skyscanner and you’ll be able to find more fantastic deals. :)

You’ll be flying with Xiamen Air, with a stopover in Amsterdam and in Xiamen along the way. You’ll then go on to land at Bali Denpasar as your final destination. I haven’t included any accommodation in this deal, but I’ve included some handy links below to help you find fantastic deals. I particularly recommend going for an Airbnb as you’ll often find the most incredible properties for truly awesome prices!

If you’ve never been to Bali before then this is a fantastic opportunity to take if you don’t mind being on the road a bit longer than usual! You can really sense the spiritual importance of the island and exploring the heavenly beaches, lush jungles and magical temples are enough to get anyone madly enough with this place – true bucket-list material!

  • Cheap Flights to Bali: Book Cheap Flights from Dublin to Bali from just €363!
    • Example dates:
      • 16/04/2018 – 29/04/2018 – €375
      • 30/04/2018 – 08/05/2018 – €380
    • Airport of departure: Dublin
    • Destination: Bali Denpasar
    • Airline: Xiamen Air
    • Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Get one here
    • Travel Insurance: Get it here
    • Rental car: Check prices here
    • Price: only €363 per person based on two adults sharing


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