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Finding flights on the internet can be quiet the time-consuming task. Trawling through countless websites and pages comparing prices takes a fair while. But with my Flight Finder powered by Kayak, most of the hard work will be taken care of for you! Flights from loads of providers and airlines are compared, and you’ll get a transparent overview of available fares. Then it’s simply up to you to select the flight that suits your needs the best. I’ll explain to you below how exactly the Flight Finder works, plus share some useful tips to help you find the cheapest flights!

How the Flight Finder works | Available flights | Handy tips and tricks

How does the Flight Finder on Holidayguru.ie work?

To make your search for cheap flights even easier, there are several filters you can use, meaning that you can further limit and specify your search right from the beginning. To start with, simply fill out the search template, first by choosing your type of flight (single, return etc.) and then entering your departure and destination airports. If you want to look for open-jaw or multi-stop flights, then you’ll be choosing several airports. If you put in a country in the destination field, you’ll see a list of available airports in a drop-down menu. Alternatively you could also put in a specific departure airport and then tick the “Nearby airports” box. The Flight Finder will then automatically include search results to other suitable airports in the area. Quite handy if you don’t know about any alternatives in the area! For the flight search you can enter up to four departure airports – to do this, enter “Ireland” in the departure airport field and then select four airports of your choosing. Then once that’s all done, you simply enter the dates you want to travel. Either give exact dates, or flexible dates where you can give yourself +/- three days of flexibility!

Once you’ve made your search, you’ll be shown an overview of flight offers. As a rule of thumb you’ll be shown the cheapest flight at the top. However you can sort or filter the flight results by other criteria such as airline, duration and much more. You’ll find loads of filter options on the left-hand side. Exclude specific airlines, limit the flight length or even choose a different ticket class. The more filters you use, the more specific your results become.

What flights can you search, find and compare?

You have the choice between a return ticket, a one-way journey and open-jaw flights as well as multi-city flights. You can choose the relevant option above the airport fields. If you have a holiday planned for a certain time then you can go ahead and book a return. If you know that you want to go abroad but don’t know how long you’ll be gone for, perhaps it’s worth booking the outward journey first, then coming back to book a return flight separately once you know when your holiday ends. Open-jaw flights and multi-stop flights are best for when you’re planning round trips as you’re free to decide which destinations you’ll be going from. Everything from budget airlines to long-distance flights are included in the search.

In order to provide flights to as many destinations as possible, a lot of airlines are required. The Flight Finder looks at pretty much every airline that currently operates. Some of the major budget airlines include Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizz Air and Norwegian. However you’ve also got the classic airlines and so-called ‘flag carriers’ such as Aer Lingus, British Airways, Emirates and Lufthansa included too, so if you want more comfort and quality when flying these are always great choices. But if you’re not really fussed about all the extras and just want to get from A to B as cheaply as possible, then budget airlines are your best friend! The choice is yours really – the Flight Finder can be adapted to your needs and budget.

How to find cheap flights with the Flight Finder

To find the cheapest flights, I’ve got a few handy tips here to help you out. Your flexibility can have the largest effect on the flight search. If you’re not bound by any specific date you’ve got increased chances of being able to go for a super cheap flight not found on other dates. The same goes for airports – try not to dedicate yourself to one departure airport only as you may find that another will get you a much better deal or connection. If you’ve found a flight that’s seriously cheap, bear in mind that there also might be extra fees or costs such as adding baggage. As a rule of thumb, budget airlines will let you carry hand luggage for free, but charge quite a lot for hold luggage. Classic airlines on the other hand will normally have hold luggage included in the price. Again, this is totally up to you which one to go for. Some people are happy to travel with just hand luggage while others want to add hold luggage!

For more handy tips and tricks for finding cheap flights from Ireland, be sure to check out my travel magazine articles! Good luck with your bargain hunting!

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