Unleash the Flavours of the Hidden Heartlands

Unleash the Flavours of the Hidden Heartlands

There’s no region on the island that boasts relaxation among the stunning greenery, like the Hidden Heartlands. This region is all about taking in the peace and quiet and appreciating nature, so you can imagine its food is something to be savored and explored.

I’ve decided to highlight just a couple of the food and drinks events happening as part of Taste the Island in the Hidden Heartlands, so whether you’re a local or you fancy a little adventure through the midlands, you’ll have an idea where to stop off…

Taste of the Lakelands

Taste of the Lakelands is a well renowned culinary brand in the heartlands – carrying the torch for the fine food product that comes from the region.

This festival will take place in the Longford/Roscommon area and features cooking demonstrations from some key local chefs, and the whole event will focus on craft businesses – a great way to support the local community.

Visitors are guaranteed to leave well-informed and well-fed … what’s not to love!


Leitrim Boxty Festival

We can say what we want, and leaving all the stereotype jokes aside – as a nation we do love our potatoes…! And one dish that is so rich in tradition is the Boxty. Firmly tied to Leitrim would you believe!

The main ingredients in a Boxty are potatoes, flour, salt, and buttermilk… but don’t be fooled, this is no easy dish to create! That’s why I’m very excited to suss out the Boxty Festival in Leitrim, as there’ll be ample opportunity to get a real insight into the skill it takes to create this national treasure!


The dish is such a tradition in Leitrim in fact, that you’ll find it in most cafes and restaurants, so if you’re traveling the area for the festival, make sure you look out for the Boxty Breakfast Wrap and the Boxty pizza while you’re around. When in Rome, and all that!

There’ll be celebrations through poetry, music, song and dance, folklore – you name it. The entire local community will be behind this one and it’s bound to make for a superb event. And the key part – make sure you get in on the food trail for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and discover ‘Boxty Re-imagined’ in the array of cafes and restaurants around Carrick on Shannon.

Hidden Heartlands and Taste the Island

So when you’re putting pins in those locations around the island during these months of the many Taste the Island events, don’t overlook the Hidden Heartlands – soak up the atmosphere and the local pride in their products and recipes… I know I will!

Check out a full list of events here! 



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