Save the Planet, One Bite at a Time!

Get to Know a More Sustainable Side of Taste the Island

As the climate crisis becomes more and more of an issue for the wider world it resonates with more and more aspects of our daily lives. None more so than how our food is produced. Over the course of Taste the Island there are plenty of events that will highlight the ways in which we can conserve and preserve our gorgeous natural resources.

We don’t just have to head down to the shops to grab a lovely salad or a nice bit of seafood, we can step outside our front door! In this article, I’ll be highlighting some of the events that focus on sustainability and conservation. This comes as part of the Taste the Island Theme Month, so you know for sure that there’s plenty more to read about.


Foraging the Fjord

It wasn’t so long ago that people in Ireland were delighted that September rolled around because they could reap the benefits of a full harvest. With this fantastic event, you can throw it back to those times and get in touch with nature. The Delphi Resort is a top-class hotel in some of the most beautiful surroundings in Ireland. As such the guys at the resort have decided to host this fascinating event. At this immersive event, you’ll spend half a day wandering around picking out your food.

This means absolutely stunning surroundings all while getting a guide on what is best to eat. From the mushrooms to the flowers you’ll get the full lowdown on what is edible and what is safe to eat. You’ll be fully immersed as you wander along the hedgerows, by-roads, and greenfields of the Delphi Valley.


In the evening the best is yet to come! You’ll be served a 5-course meal where each of the ingredients will be handpicked and sourced from the local area. Each of the courses will have a delectable drink accompanying each sumptuous bite. If you consider yourself a foodie this event is seriously hard to pass up! The numbers at the event are extremely limited so make sure you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Wild Taste, Food of the Edge

In terms of wild destinations in Ireland, it really is hard to beat Donegal! Right at the North end of the Wild Atlantic Way Donegal offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland. It’s no wonder then that there are events there for Taste the Island. If you like your food a little on the wild side then this event is for you! This mainly entails a wild food tour from Moville to the Wild Strands Cafe, Malin Head.

As you take this utterly stunning landscape you’ll be given a guided tour by the local seaweed man aka William Mc Elhinney. As I have mentioned, the tour begins at Moville. Historically on this pier, a lot of people had to say goodbye to loved ones. However, this site will be the beginning of a celebration of all that makes Donegal such a foodies paradise.


As you wander along the Foyle river you’ll be treated to delighted such as Seaweed smoothies and homemade scones. Seaweed as a product is integral to the area so you’ll be given the full rundown of how much of an impact it has made on the area.

What’s great about this tour is that there is a huge amount of history infused with all that you’ll sample. The years of invasions by the Normans, Vikings, and British have given the area a unique culinary history. All of which will be explained during the trek across this stunning landscape. At journeys end, you’ll reach the Wild Strands Cafe. This great little cafe specializes in a lot of the local produce. So you’ll be able to sample some of the goods without impacting on the local environment. Once you’ve finished up at the Wild Strands, you’ll be taken to Ireland’s most northerly point Banba’s Crown. In the natural beauty of this landmark, you’ll be given a Tai Chi class. Once finished you will be taken back to Moville by bus. 

There is no doubt that Donegal is absolutely stunning normally but this tour will give you a new appreciation for the rich history of the area. During your time you’ll be making a minimal impact on the area and making sure that there is no damage done. To participate in the event, make sure to get in contact with the Wild Strands Cafe and they’ll help you out from there.

Dublin Veg Fest

One of the ways in which people can make a difference is by consuming more plant-based foods. As a result, a couple of enterprising vegans decided to start a festival to help and support people who want to get into a more vegan way of living. For the 28th & 29th of September in the Griffith Conference center, you’ll find all the information you could want about turning vegan.

Apart from having all of the tastiest vegan foods you could imagine there’ll be loads of speakers there too. Ranging from podcasters to vegan athletes it promises to be a seriously interesting day. While you might not be ready to turn vegan just yet there’ll be tonnes of people there that will give you an insight into the small changes you can make in order to make a positive impact on the world. This festival has grown from strength to strength and this year promises to be one of the biggest!


Taste the Best Seafood in Ireland

Sustainability is definitely a hot topic right now! If you’re looking to enjoy the best of what Ireland has to offer but want to explore alternative methods of food production then there’s plenty here for you. Unfortunately, the environment isn’t going to get any better any time soon but there are plenty of ways in which we can make small changes that have big impacts. Stay ahead of the curve and check out these amazing events before they sell out!

Check out a full list of events here! 


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