Indulge in Wild Atlantic Flavours

The Must-Have Bucket List of Food Fairs & Festivals This Month

The Wild Atlantic Way region could certainly be described as a treat for all the senses… it’s got some of the most breathtaking views on the island, a fresh and crisp Atlantic breeze, and sounds of those crashing waves. But one of the best things it has to offer is, in fact, its delicious food produce

That’s why I’ve put together a list of some of the key food fairs and festivals in the region this month as part of Taste the Island, so you can treat those tastebuds to some of the mouth-watering flavors the West coast does best! This all comes as part of my Taste the Island Theme Month, so that means there’s plenty more where this article comes from! I’ll be taking you on a culinary adventure around this beautiful island we call home and presenting you with some of the best options when it comes to seafood. Remember that if you want to explore more of the fabulous treats on offer during the Taste the Island festival make sure to check out my landing page.


Flavours of Achill

Well, as if Achill Island wasn’t an appealing enough destination already – I’m only too eager to head back for the Flavours of Achill event on both September 21st and October 26th.

This event is a showcase of Achill’s unique food culture, but also a mega celebration of its producers and everyone involved in the scene. And if you go, you’re bound to indulge and enjoy a foodie experience like no other!

The four main producers set to be there include Achill Island Sea Salt, Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb, Irish American Whiskey and Keem Bay Products, and not only will you sample products of theirs, but you also get to enjoy lunch in a local restaurant to really experience the textures and flavors of the area.

And apart from food, what else does Achill do best? … yep, scenery! Which is why you’ll be transported through the gorgeous backdrop of Achill nature by bus for this entire tour – just the finishing touch of a real indulgent experience!


Galway International Oyster Festival

Usually renowned as the real cultural hub of the island, where better to get a real flavor for Irish food treasures than Galway. After all, the city was awarded the European Region of Gastronomy last year…

The opening night of Friday, Sep 27th will kick off the festivities, with live music as the City of Tribes does best, mouthwatering seafood, plus plenty of local anticipation for the Oyster Opening Championship!

Saturday is the big day for the championship, which sees competitors judged not only on the speed of opening the oysters but on technique and presentation, too! So pick a favorite and get cheering… all while digging into some scrumptious seafood and enjoying live music. (And don’t worry – vegans will be catered for too!)

That evening will be a food tour along the cobbled streets of Galway in the form of a Mardi Gras Gala Dinner! Indulge in an absolute feast throughout the night, with each course taking part in a different restaurant around the city. Food goals, guaranteed!

Photo Declan Monaghan
Photo Declan Monaghan

Then dance it all off at the afterparty!

Is Sunday family day? Don’t worry – take the kids!

The free event on Sunday will be as laid back as you can imagine – the perfect recovery for that food coma and the dancing-induced sore legs from Saturday! You’ll be treated to numerous food demos and tastings, plus face painting and circus skill workshops for the kids – so everyone is happy!

From gorgeous views of Galway city to a real flavourful weekend for the tastebuds, this is a MUST!

Feast at the Foot of Errigal

One of the most sought after attractions on the island, Mount Errigal is a phenomenal sight and a must-visit on any road trip through the scenic Donegal trails.

What if you could experience the gorgeous view of Errigal, all while learning about and tasting local food produce?! Certainly sounds like something I’d like to be at!

At this event, ongoing from September 27th to October 6th, Donegal Chef Chris Molloy will be leading a team of local chefs to create a hugely unique foodie experience for guests, all while you take in the stunning views of Mount Errigal right from the comfort of the Errigal Hostel in Gweedore.

Count me in!


Indulge in Wild Atlantic Flavours

So, which of these tickle your fancy most?!

There are plenty more food fairs and festivals happening along the Wild Atlantic Way and around the rest of the country as part of the Taste The Island experience this September and October, so take some time to treat yourself and the family to some of our finest local produce.

As if you needed an excuse to plan that next staycation, eh?!


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