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Everything you need to know about Holidayguru

Have you ever wondered who’s actually behind Holidayguru and how this blog came to be? Well, you’re in the right place! Here you’ll be able to discover the story behind the website and learn more about what we offer on our website.

Who’s behind Holidayguru? | What does Holidayguru offer?

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Who’s behind Holidayguru?

The Irish Holidayguru project came to life in February 2014, following on from the success of the original website Urlaubsguru (our German sister project). A small but dedicated team have been looking for the best deals for Irish holidaymakers and travelers ever since. The concept behind the website is simple; there are so many travel comparison websites and online travel agencies that it can be quite a hassle and time-consuming looking for the cheapest prices or holidays that offer the best value for money. This is where Holidayguru comes in! I publish a selection of deals every day that enable travelers with even the tightest of budgets to set off for a well-deserved break. In fact, there are even Holidayguru blogs in an additional nine countries too – I’m part of an international team you see!

What does Holidayguru offer – and how does it work?

This blog is a place where I present the best travel deals that I come across during my daily searches. Whether you’re looking for a package holiday to Majorca or cheap flights to Thailand, you’ll be sure to find something that you’ll like. I look through websites such as Groupon, Livingsocial, Click&Go, TUI, and Hotels.com amongst others and pick out the best deals to put on my website.

I’m not a travel agent – in fact the holidays are provided by these websites such as those listed above, so you’ll be directly booking with them. Just think of me as someone who points you in the right direction. But don’t worry! They’re trusted sources and are a popular choice with many a traveler. You can read more about how it all works over at my FAQs!

Holiday Deals

Are you tired of paying too much for your holiday or are a bit worried something might go wrong if you book flights and accommodation separately? No worries – just take a look at my Holidays category for your perfect holiday! As well as individual flights, hotels and city break, there are also tons of great holiday packages that I spot that take care of all the important things for you. All you have to do is lean back and enjoy your holiday!

Package Holidays

In the Holiday Packages category, you’ll be able to find great offers that take away a lot of the hassle of having to organise everything by yourself. You’ll often get breakfast, half board or even all inclusive are included in the price, and chances are you might even get luggage and transfers thrown in too! To double check what’s included in the prices, take a closer look at the bullet points in the articles I write. And pretty much all of the deals that I found can be customised directly on the providers’ websites, meaning that you can add extra luggage or transfers later on during the booking process (for an extra fee).


I’m still surprised by how cheap it can be to fly across the world from Ireland. Don’t believe me? Well, just take a look at my Flights CategoryIn the past I’ve been able to find flights from Belfast to Croatia for just €55 return, Shannon to Palma de Mallorca for €40 or Dublin to Vancouver from just €243… The list goes on!

Things really start to get interesting when it comes to error fares. These are flights that are only available for a short amount of time due to computational or human error and they often mean that you can get some unbelievable prices going. However, these flights are not 100% risk-free. It’s important that when booking error fares you don’t alert the airline by ringing them up. That’s because error fares are exactly that – errors! If the airlines become aware of the mistake there’s a chance that you might not get the flight for the cheaper price, and let’s face it – no-one wants that. You can read more about error fares over at my Travel Magazine.

Hotels & Staycations

If you’re craving relaxation that’s a little closer to home, then be sure to take a look over at my Hotels Category. Here you’ll find all sorts of fantastic deals for hotels, holiday rentals and sometimes even spa packages all across Ireland. Whether it’s cosying up beside the seaside in Galway or pampering yourself rotten in a country hotel in Meath, I make sure to always keep my eyes peeled for the best Irish hotel deals. Sometimes they’ll be extras such as breakfast, late check-out or even a glass of bubbly each – read through the article or double check with the provider’s website to see what exactly is included in each deal.

Travel Magazine

My Travel Magazine is perfect for those looking to get inspired by the latest travel trends or even getting some handy tips and tricks for your travels. I often compile great insider tips for popular destinations such as Prague, Venice or Zakynthos, and I sometimes go on the hunt for shooting locations from famous series or even just for the wackiest, craziest experiences around the world. Just embrace that wanderlust and see where your inspiration takes you!