I vividly remember the nights when scary bedtime stories were told… Especially during  school trips we would tell each other scary stories. We would sit together by the fire at night and every one would come up with their creepiest tales. The cracking of the floor of the hostel or the creaking door would create the most terrifying images in our fantasy…

These 10 Places will make you shiver…

As it is Halloween today I’m taking the opportunity to show you the 10 most haunting places in the world. Whether in England, Scotland, Ireland or Mexico, almost every country has one or two places where you really should avoid going after dark. Even if your reason tells you that the stories aren’t real, it gives you the creeps when you’re actually there.

# 10 – Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh

The old graveyard Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh is number 10 in my ranking. In the middle of this beautiful city you find a really unique cemetery, which is even scary by daylight. Since the 16th century the dead have been buried here and ever since the creepiest stories evolve around this yard.
Visitors and graveyard keepers have reported of attacks by night close to „Covenanters’ Prison”, a secluded part in the Southern part of the Kirkyard. This section was used as a prison in 1679 for all the souls that signed a pact in 1638 against the Stuart Family but have been defeated. Some of them were released or could be rescued, but many of the thousands died a wretched death or were executed. And the man who gave the orders to these execution is also buried in this graveyard…

# 9 – Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

During daylight the castle is actually a real beauty. In the middle ages, the castle was not only used as a fort but also as a prison. The daughter of the lord, for instance, was locked up by her father because of a forbidden love affair she had. She starved to death behind the thick stone walls and ever since her soul wanders  through the corridors of the castle. 70 years ago – during renovations – the skeleton of a girl was found that had worn a white dress. It is well possible that it is the body of the imprisoned lord’s daughter.

# 8 – Centralia – Ghost Town in Pennsylvania

Apart from some brave residents, who don’t want to give up their houses, the little town Centralia is actually a ghost town. A fire in the coal mines already smoulders beneath the city since 50 years and wraps the abandoned houses and streets in dark smoke. 1000 people used to live there in 1981, today it is only 10.
When the sun sets, and the smoke makes its way across the streets, the city appears like Hell’s Kitchen. Everywhere the street is torn apart and seems to break up from underneath. In 1981 a little boy disappeared in the warm and soft garden of his grandmother. The heat has softened the earth so much, that it couldn’t hold the boy any longer. A week later the mayor of the city was brought to hospital due to gas poisoning. After this, the inhabitants agreed that the town is a danger to people’s life.

Making your way through the streets with google maps you can see the wads of smoke lying in the air. You will some lonely houses only. A seriously creepy place to be… especially on Halloween!

# 7 – Room B340 ont he Queen Mary

There are many creepy stories evolving around the luxurious cruise liner Queen Mary. They say that 150 ghosts are on board and already more than 40 people are supposed to have died there. So it comes as no surprise that you will hear many scary stories about he sister ship of the equally unlucky Titanic. Around the nowadays unused pools, guests have seen ghosts every now and again and even heard water sprinkling. Room B340 is no longer rented out to guests: Too many unusual incidents occurred there. Water streamed from the tubes, without opening them, sheets have changed their location without touching them … The ship was eventually turned into a hotel, so if you like to explore these paranormal activities, you can go ahead and book a room!

# 6 – Beelitzer Sanatorium in Germany

The doors of the Beelitzer Sanatorium are locked, cold wind blows through the windows. Once used for patients of Tuberculoses, the huge grounds are abandoned now and count as one of the scariest places on earth.

#5 – Ghost Chloe from the Myrtle Plantation in St. Francisville

The price the most haunted house in the US goes to the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. The reason for that is a picture from 1992. You can see two buildings, General´s Store and Butler´s Pantry. Between the buildings you can see a person leaning against the wall with the arms crossed in front of its chest.
Maybe nothing unusual about that, but the more the people have looked at the image, the more theories arise about the ghost of a slave girl that was captured on that very day in the image by coincidence. The fact that you can see the wooden board behind her through her body leads to many discussions about the girl.

halloween 5

People assume that the girl is the slave girl Chloe, the young lover of the plantation owner, that poisoned the wife and the daughter of the owner, driven by her jealousy. She actually only intended to harm the two a little and then help them get healthy again, but both of died eventually. The other slaves dreaded the wrath of the owner and hanged her on a tree and threw her body into the Mississippi. The surrounding of the tree in the girl was hanged, seems to have a very special glow.

# 4 – Island of the Dolls – Isla de las Munecas

South of the Mexican capital Mexico City, you will find an island that will give everyone the creeps. Planned to be am island retreat for tourists, the Island of the Dolls (Isla Muncas) is a scary hotspot for everyone looking for the thrill!
Accodring to the legend, a young girl mysteriously drowned on the island. The administrator of the island, Don Julian Santana Barrera, tried desperately to save her – but he couldn’t prevent the horror. A short while later, he found a doll in the water and attached it to a tree. In the course of the years more and more dolls followed and since 50 years the trees and bushes are “decorated” by the creepy looking dolls.

Don Julian died in 2001 – he drowned on his island. The place has now become a popular spot for fans of the thrill. When you visit the place during the day it is incredibly scary to look at the dolls and into their dead eyes. At night you are supposed to hear whispering and rustling… So creepy!!

#3 – Suicide Forest Aokigahara, Japan

The perfect place to die is supposed to be on the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. In the middle of the Japanese woods, in Aokigahara Forest, up to 78 people commit suicide every year. A novel from the 60s is the apparent reason for that and the increase in the suicides. In the novel Kuroi Jukai, the two main characters commit suicide in that very thick forest.

# 2 – The Haunted Castle in Italy

Italy is well known for its beautiful villages and cities that enchant every visitor. Walking through the streets of the old alleyways of Siena makes you feel like in a dream. Laundry hanging out of the windows, people happily chatting away, and the postman talking about the weather…

# 1 – Loftus Hall in Ireland

Now to come to the most haunted place I of course have to choose this Irish mansion. Surely, Ireland has numerous haunted places with all its castles and legends, but this one is clearly super spooky.

Happy Halloween :)