From the 1st to the 24th of December there’ll be a dream holiday to win every day! If you’d like to see if you’re amongst the lucky ones who’ll be jetting to some heavenly destination, then keep checking this page!

At last the time has finally come! I’ve been working long and hard on this, but it’s time to finally announce that my great Holidayguru Advent Calendar contest is finally kicking off! Every day from the 1st December til the 24th December you’ll have the chance to win a dream holiday. Heavenly beaches, exciting cities and breathtaking landscapes – who knows where you could be jetting off to!

You’ll be able to participate in my competition here over at the Advent Calendar page. But it’s in this article where I’ll be revealing those lucky winners. Be sure to check back on a regular basis and keep your eyes peeled. And of course if you are a winner, then remember that I’ll be in touch personally. Good luck, my Gurus!

Christmas Gifts

Winners of the Advent Calendar Contest so far

Over the first 24 days of December, you’ll be able to view all the winners here:

Day 1 – Mauritius: Nadine-Isabell Gle***ner
Day 2 – Dubai: Sven W***ersch***
Day 3 – Mykonos: Susann B***ward
Day 4 Maldives:  Stefanie St***
Day 5 – Bali: Freya Sau****
Day 6 – Toronto: Julian Ort***
Day 7 – Zanzibar: Kerstin Sch****
Day 8 – Curacao: Sabrina S***
Day 9 – Thailand: Bianca Se***
Day 10 – Sri Lanka: Laura Ti***
Day 11 – Bahamas: Alina Th****
Day 12 – Aruba: Beatrice K*****
Day 13 – Miami: Lara Vander****
Day 14 – Santorini: Monika Le***
Day 15 – Ibiza: Lea Sv******
Day 16 – Iceland: Louise S******
Day 17 – Tokyo: Waldemar Stre***
Day 18 – Las Vegas: Andre Rie***
Day 19 – Cuba: Fabian Ra******
Day 20 – Miami: Ciara Gan***
Day 21 – Cape Town: Katharina P*******
Day 22 – Mexico: Matthias Kö***
Day 23 – Hawaii: 
Maria Milew***
Day 24 – Dominican Republic:  
Piet Usselm***

Congratulations to all of the winners of my Advent Calendar competition and enjoy your holidays! :)