WOW! You guys really do make me the happiest Guru in the world as the feedback on my Advent Calendar has been incredible! However, a few small questions have arisen, so I thought I’d just go ahead and answer them all to help clear things up a little! You’re more than welcome to post any other questions you may have in the comments section below this article. I try to regularly have a look through and answer all of your questions! :-)

Advent Calendar FAQs

How can I take part in the competition?

In order to take part in the competition you must first register for my WhatsApp service on the respective day of the Advent Calendar. You’ll find a section explaining this at the bottom of each day’s article, which looks like this:


To take part, you must first text the word “Start” (without the quotation marks) to the WhatsApp number mentioned to register. The number will be displayed when you click on the green “WhatsApp – use phone number” button. There is a German code at the beginning of the number as the technical provider for our service is based in Germany. Simply add me as a contact, text me with the word “Start” and soon after you’ll receive a confirmation message from me. To be in with a chance to win, all you have to do is send me the name of the destination to be won that day (you can do this before you receive my registration confirmation text). So for day 1, for example, you would have to text me with the word “Mauritius” (without the quotation marks).

If I send just one text, will I be entered in all of the draws?

A new draw begins each day at 00:00 and ends on the same day at 23:59. You can take part each day. To do so, however, you must send me a message each day with the respective holiday destination that’s up for grabs. Then, you’ll be in the draw for that day only. Don’t forget to send “Start” before the first time that you enter to take part in the competition so that you are registered for my WhatsApp Service!

Will I receive confirmation for participating in the advent calendar?

No. You receive a confirmation for registering to the WhatsApp Bargain Alert, but not for participating in the competition. That means that you send ‘Start’ to register. Shortly after, you will receive confirmation to say that you’ve registered. To take part in the competition, simply send me the respective destination every day. For this, you won’t receive any confirmation. However, you will definitely be entered into the competition.

Where can I find the Holidayguru number?

You can find my number behind every door of the Advent Calendar. Just click on the green “WhatsApp – use phone number” button in the article.

Does the WhatsApp number change every day?

Yes. Due to technical reasons, the WhatsApp number is constantly changing. However, this doesn’t affect you in any way. Save the first number displayed to you as a contact and send a message with the word ‘Start’. Then you’re registered for the WhatsApp Bargain Alert and can take part in the advent calendar competition. After that, send me a message with the destination for the respective day (Day 1: ‘Mauritius’, Day 2 ‘Dubai’ etc.). The number, which you originally saved, stays valid. You don’t have to constantly change my number.

Why is the competition taking place on WhatsApp?

By taking part in the competition, you are automatically registering for my WhatsApp Bargain Alert. This means you’ll be able to access absolutely incredible deals . These often sell out very, very quickly or, in the case of error fares etc., are only available for a few minutes. It would be such a shame if you missed out on these bargains!

Will I receive messages or calls daily then?

No! I can promise you that I will only be informing you about the most spectacular deals.  I won’t be messaging you every day on WhatsApp because the Guru isn’t one to spam everyone. ;-) And I won’t call you either. Unless I’m calling to personally congratulate you on your win! ;-)

What happens to my personal data?

I can assure you that your personal data won’t be shared with any third parties under any circumstance. Your mobile phone number will be used solely to enter the competition and for my WhatsApp Bargain Alerts. is a project of UNIQ GmbH. This is also mentioned in the terms and conditions of participation.

I haven’t received confirmation of my registration, am I still entered in the competition?

If you haven’t received a reply after sending the word “Start” to my number, have a little patience! Sometimes there can be a little delay due to the server load. Once you have texted “Start” you can still send me the destination of the respective day before you receive confirmation and you’ll automatically be entered into the draw.

When will I find out if I won?

My German friends over at host a live stream where they’ll announce the week’s winners. They take place on the following Sundays at around 5pm 04.12.16, 11.12.16 and 18.12.16 in the evening around 5 pm. I’ll be putting the winner’s names in an article so that you don’t miss out! Unfortunately, the winners from the 18th to the 24th will not be announced on Monday the 26th, since I’ll be celebrating Christmas at home! Just have a little patience and keep checking back and I’ll

How will the winner be notified?

The winner will be notified directly by me on WhatsApp.

Where will the winners be announced?

Keep checking back to see the latest winners here – I’ll be constantly updating this as the contest unfolds.

Is the competition actually real?

I can 100% guarantee that there is nothing fake about this competition! :-) Last year, there were 24 dream holidays up for grabs and won, however this year I decided to have more countries participate and share the fun. I know that there are often black sheep out there, but the Holidayguru is definitely not one. That’s a Guru promise! ;-) 

Can all countries take part in the competition?

Yes, unlike last year, the competition this time is taking place in all the countries that HolidayGuru is active in. Seeing as there are 24 holidays up for grabs, I’d say your chances still look pretty good! The winners can be from any of the countries. May the odds be ever in your favour ;-)